Deep Cleanse


     Wood, sculpey, wire, paint, seed pods coated in 24 karat gold paint. Approximately 30 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 48 inches tall.

    While our traditional view of forest fires is a negative one – destroying homes, valued lumber and farmland – these events are actually regenerative events that allow woodlands to start afresh. Nutrients are cycled back into the soil by the fire itself and by fungi which break up remaining organic matter, insects and bacteria recycle more still. Eventually life returns and can grow unobstructed by detritus thanks to the fires that are so ironically feared. The entire process actually yields room for life to continue to flourish until the next cleansing is required. This process is reflected in the work through the ghostlike forms of mushrooms that blanket the burned out husk of a tree. The nutrients they cycle filter through the system and result in a bountiful new generation of bright life, represented by the golden seed pods piled before the blackened monolith.