Fluxus Garden


Live vegetable plants, recycled containers, shopping cart, soil, collapsible rain barrel, wood, wire, signage. Approximately 30’ x 4’ x 5’ (dimensions vary with growth).

The garden was made in response to issues of hunger and poverty in the downtown area of Guelph. Vegetables were grown in a dense and cost effective layout, with most of the materials costing nothing. The garden itself serves as an example for how much food production can be achieved by citizens in urban areas with very limited resources. In addition to the physical form of the sculpture, a strong social component was involved. Three outreach events; a gardening workshop, resource fair, and Harvest Feast (using ingredients grown in the garden) were held to create discussion and awareness about the food politics of the city. An essential component of the project was to create joint learning opportunities about urban agriculture and to connect individuals who share an interest in the issues surrounding hunger and poverty.