Heirloom Grow Tower


Corn, beans, and squash (all heirloom varieties), found communications tower, hydroponic system, string, wood. Approximately 4’ x 4’ x 18’6”

A rusted tower leaning in the gallery space, the hydroponic system grafted into it hums and drips constantly. This system supports three separate pods of plants; corn, beans and squash which comprise the traditional ‘Three Sisters’ planting arrangement pioneered by many Indigenous societies in North America. Instead of honouring the traditional planting style in which the plants share each other’s strengths to form a stronger collective whole, the plants are absurdly grown in separate pods as a commentary on the architecture of industrial agriculture. This neglects the plants' symbiotic potency, but the human made system continues to function without further modification. Regardless of their separate containment, the plants all seek out light and space beyond, as they graft onto and wind their way along the structure of their support system.