Leamington Greenhouse Drawings


Pencil crayon and watercolour on mylar, negative viewing light box, table legs. Table measures 18” x 48” x 40”

The drawings use mylar which has been pre-treated with watercolours. These stains break up the surface and introduce a liquid medium that beads into organic puddles and droplets the surface of the plastic before drying. The pencil crayon is then used to trace the hydroponic systems found within the Leamington greenhouses. The drawings are then backlit on a photographic negative light box which has been flipped and converted into a table.


Amalgamated image of drawings from light table

Amalgamated image of drawings from light table


Greenhouse Drawings


     Graphite on Stonehenge paper. Variable dimensions.

My first sustained attempt during MFA to return drawing to my artistic practice. These drawings were intended as research into my interest in the industrial hydroponic greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario. Due to the limitations of working in only graphite, I decided to return to the subject with different materials later, in search of a livelier atmospheric effect.